VideoSlurp Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is it the video I downloaded?

A. As a default, VideoSlurp puts all the downloaded files in your "Documents" folder. You can change this setting from the Options dialog (use File->Options... menu to access it).

Q. Can I disable VideoSlurp autostart?

A. VideoSlurp usually starts when windows start, so that it is ready when you need it. Anyway you can prevent autostart unchecking the "Start on system start" option in the Options dialog (use File->Options... menu to access it).

Q. How do I download High Quality videos?

A. VideoSlurp shows you a list of available video formats and resolutions. If you want to download high resolution videos choose the one which has the highest numbers of pixels: the more pixels the best!

Q. How do I extract audio (mp3 or m4a) from YouTube videos?

A. Run VideoSlurp, search for the YouTube video you need, and when you had found it, copy its page URL. VideoSlurp main window will popup. Select the format you want in the list of the available formats. If you want best quality use "audio/m4a" format. If you want best compatibility use "audio/mp3" format. Click Download button and VideoSlurp will convert YouTube video to an audio file.

Q. My Windows Media Player can't play M4A audio files. What can I do?

A. You can use an alternative player, like VideoLAN, or install an "M4A codec" to allow Windows Media Player to play M4A files. One of the best codec packs available is "K-lite Code Pack". Search Google to find out where to download its latest release.

Q. I just downloaded a FLV file with VideoSlurp. What is a FLV file?

A. A FLV file is a video file stored in the old YouTube native format supported by YouTube and many other video sites. To watch it you need an advanced video player. To watch it in a portable device you probably need to convert it in a different format. We suggest to download videos to MP4 format.

Q. How do I play FLV videos I downloaded?

A. You need an advanced video player, like VideoLAN (VLC) or Free FLV Video Player.

Q. I download a FLV video and I want to convert it to MP3. Is it possible?

A. Yes, but you need to download this free FLV to MP3 converter.

Q. How do I uninstall VideoSlurp?

A. To uninstall VideoSlurp and all its components, just open Add/Remove Programs of Windows' Control Panel, find VideoSlurp entry and click on its Uninstall button. Then just follow on screen instructions.

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