How to use VideoSlurp

With videoslurp you can download Videos from YouTube, convert YouTube Vieos to audio files (M4A and MP3 formats), and enjoy YouTube contents even when you are offline.

After the installation please be sure you run VideoSlurp so it can set up the autorun feature. Once VideoSlurp is correctly installed, just forget it! Until you need to download a video, then follow the 3 points intructions below.

1. Copy Video Page URL

Browse YouTube as you usually do, and when you find a video you like, click on it to start playing. While the video is playing select the page URL from browser address bar. VideoSlurp main window will show up and after a couple of seconds it will load video informatons.

2. Select the right format

Once VideoSlurp loaded video info, it will show you a list of available download formats. Choose the most appropriate format. Usually you will choose "video/mp4" to download the whole video, or "audio/m4a" or "audio/mp3" to download the audio only.

3. Click Download button

Click on Download button to start the download process. You will see the progress of the download in the Downloads listbox at the bottom of VideoSlurp main window.

VideoSlurp can download multiple videos at the same time

Video Download process can be painful slow. VideoSlurp can easy up the pain allowing you to download more videos at the same time.

Register videoslurp to access this feature!

Questions? Need more help? Read VideoSlurp Frequently Asked Questions.

Video Tutorial

VideoSlurp Video Tutorial

Downloading videos and music from YouTube is a breeze with VideoSlurp. This one minute video shows it.

Posted by VideoSlurp YouTube Downloader on Giovedì 11 giugno 2015

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