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VideoSlurp Youtube Downloader can convert a YouTube videos to a MP3 audio files: it's the most convenient application for converting YouTube videos to MP3 audio you can listen on your PC or on your mobile devices.

MP3 algorithm can compress a song by a factor of 10 or 12 and still retain something close to CD quality, so a 30-megabyte sound file from a CD reduces to 3 megabytes or so in MP3. When you download the MP3 file and play it, it sounds almost as good as the original file. Now, thanks to VideoSlurp, you can convert any YouTube video to an MP3 file.

How can VideoSlurp download MP3 files from YouTube?

First of all be sure you installed and run VideoSlurp YouTube Downloader. Then use your browser to explore YouTube and find the song you like. When you had found it, open the video page (it's the one whoose URL contains something like /watch?v=....).
Select the whole page URL and copy it: VideoSlurp main window will pop-up and load all the available video formats you can download the video in.
Scroll the list to the bottom and find audio/mp3 line. Select it and click on the Download button to start the download.
After few minutes the MP3 file with the audio recording will be onto your PC.

If you are unsure about the download procedure, please have a look at the general VideoSlurp video tutorial:

VideoSlurp Video Tutorial

Downloading videos and music from YouTube is a breeze with VideoSlurp. This one minute video shows it.

Posted by VideoSlurp YouTube Downloader on Giovedì 11 giugno 2015

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