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Downloading YouTube Videos has never been so easy: just use this browser to explore When you find a video you like, click the "Download this video" button at the top of the window. OR... You can use your normal web browser to find a video you like, then open VideoSlurp and copy the URL of that video. VideoSlurp will read your copied URL from memory and automatically prepare a VideoSlurp download. All you have to do then is click "Download this video" from within VideoSlurp and you are on your way!

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Extract MP3 Music from Videos

Need to extract MP3 audio from FLV videos? Try our free FLV to MP3 Converter!

FLV Video Format

Videos will be downloaded in the native FLV format. If you need to convert them to a different format (live .AVI or .MOV), download AVS Video Converter. If you need a free FLV player for Windows try FLVPlayer4Free.