VideoSlurp Toolbar

VideoSlurp Toolbar is an Internet Explorer add on to help you speed up video downloading with VideoSlurp.

Once installed VideoSlurp Toolbar adds to Internet Explorer a search box and a "Search Video" button to search for videos on YouTube.

Once you found a video to download, click on "Download Video" button to startup VideoSlurp browser and let it automatically open the video. Then click on one of the three VideoSlurp browser download button to get the video in the format you like:

Video Download Button Download Video button
High Quality Video Download Button Download High Quality Video button
MP3 Download Button Download video to MP3 button

VideoSlurp Toolbar FAQs

Q. How do Enable/Disable VideoSlurp Internet Explorer Toolbar?
A. You can use VideoSlurp settings Window (File->Settings.. menu) to enable or disable Internet Explorer toolbar at will. Please remember to close all Internet Explorer windows in order to make the settings effective.

Q. Can I use VideoSlurp Toolbar to search the web?
A. Yes, of course you can. Just type what you want to search in the toolbar search box and click the "Search" button.

Q. Is my privacy safe with VideoSlurp Toolbar?
A. Short answer is: Yes. VideoSlurp toolbar will not send or record personally identifiable information from your computer. Anyway for a more exhaustive answer, please check out Qemit Privacy Policy.